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Williams London Dry Gin

The London Dry Gin from Williams Distillery is a gin with an alcohol content of 40°. Its production is carried out through maceration and distillation in a mixed steel and copper still, with a rectification column and an extra neutral tri-distilled cereal alcohol.

This gin is presented in a 750 cm³ bottle with a synthetic stopper and an engraved wooden head, along with a label that allows you to distinguish each of the expressions of this London Dry. The silver medal obtained at the London Spirit Competition in 2022 in London is printed on the label.

Regarding its organoleptic profile, on the nose there is a notable freshness with a clear herbaceous profile, in which Patagonian juniper, eucalyptus, mint spicata (yerbabuena) and lavender stand out. In the mouth, you experience a notable intensity and a slight spicy touch due to the presence of allspice. Anise and angelica root provide a long-lasting flavor between fresh and citrus.

Williams London Dry Gin is a gin of great complexity and intensity, which does not require any dressing to enhance its flavor, although it is suggested to accompany it with some dried citrus and a good tonic.

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Williams Old Tom

Ingredients: Water treated with reverse omosis, cereal alcohol, extra neutral, juniper and aromatic herbs.

Preparation method: Botanical maceration for 48 hours. Distillation through distillation on the citrus botanicals, and infusion on the dried, post-macerated botanicals.

Double-distillation process of tri-distilled alcohol in a mixed copper and stainless steel still.

Botanicals 1- Juniper 2- Muña muña 3- Anise 4- Yerba Buena 5- Pennyroyal 6- Quasia 7- Eucalyptus 9- Stevia

Old Tom Gin. During the London Gin Craze of the 18th century, systems were mounted on the door of some clandestine pubs under the drawing of a black cat, Old Tom, which dispensed gin automatically just by inserting a coin, thus, the person responsible for the sale of gin. It was the cat and the Law was evaded. The system was known as Old Tom and hence the name of this gin... Old Tom gin is characterized by being sweeter.

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This Gin is presented in a 750ml transparent bottle with a personalized synthetic wooden head cap and distinctive labels. It is an innovative product in all aspects: visually, in aroma and in flavor. Its subtle yellow color reminds us of the presence of passion fruit. On the nose, sweet aromas and a tropical and fruity profile are perceived. The presence of passion fruit predominates over the rest of the other botanicals. In the mouth, it is pleasant, creamy and refreshing. The flavors of ripe passion fruit and juniper stand out, with subtle herbaceous notes. It is suggested to consume this Gin in signature cocktails. It is ideal for mixing with flavored syrups, natural orange or lemon citrus juices, citrus sodas or mango energizers, such as Crazy Mango Monster.

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Ron Black Bart

Williams Distillery Golden Rum Rum with an intense amber color, unique body and extraordinary balance, the result of the artisanal processing of distilling sugar cane honey from Tucumán lands, in copper stills, with marked notes of vanilla, cocoa and coffee that are enhanced in oak barrels. American.

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Ron Blanco Bart

Black Bart White Rum is a tasty and aromatic rum that is easy to taste. Subtle aromas of coconut and sour orange with a semi-dry body and sweet touches, from Tucumán sugar cane, and spicy at the end. A light and crystalline Rum due to charcoal filtration to achieve its bright color.


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